The Excursion & My Birthday

On Friday we went for a class excursion. We visited the hill stations Kodaikanal and Munnar and finally the theme park 'Dream World'. It was nice to have a break from the usual monotony of college. And we had the fun of our lives! Also had a chance to get to know about my classmates. It changed my total perception about my class (in a very positive manner).

We first went to Kodai. I had already been there before. It was quite ok, even though the heavy mist and cold prevented us from having all the fun. Munnar was so wonderful. The scenery was breath taking. I have some quite cool photographs taken with Vishnu's digicam. I will upload them as soon as they are ready. You have to seem them to believe me. Now I seem to understand why Kerala is indeed called "God's own Country". The tea plantations gave an amazing touch of beauty to the cloud kissing mountains. I can't believe I hadn't been to such a great place which is so near my city till now. Munnar is definitely in my list of must-see places.'

Reached back yesterday at 1 am in the night. A very nice thing happened just before that. Today happens to be my Birthday and for the first time in my life 30 people wished me Happy Birthday exactly at 12 in the midnight. Well.. I had such a great birthday present. What more could you ask?

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