Soft Drink Scare

What a shock we had yesterday! Pepsi, Coke and their other brands of soft drinks (Limca, Mirinda, Sprite, Moutain Dew, 7 UP, Fanta, Thums Up) had been found to have dangerous amounts of pesticides in them according to a study conducted by Center for Science and Environment (CSE).. And for the first time (in history?) Coke and Pepsi have come together saying that they will consider legal action. Whatever.. I'm not touching Coke or Pepsi anymore.

The amounts by which the residues have overshot the acceptable levels is really shocking.. Coca Cola has 42 times more than the allowed, Pepsi has 37 times, Mountain Dew, 28 times, Fanta, 43 times.. the list goes on. The pesticides that were found include stuff that causes cancer, brain damage, loss of immunity etc. According to a 2001 estimate around 6,540,000,000 bottles of these soft drinks have been sold in India alone.

Added to their worries, my own state's (Kerala) Pollution Control Board has found hazardous amounts of Cadmium in the waste from Coca-Cola factory in Palghat which the company gave away (free) as fertilizers to the farmers.

Looks like the cola companies are headed for deep trouble. At least from now on I'll be able to save 10 bucks each time I have a sudden thirst for this stuff...

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