Back to school

Today went back to school again. We have this cultural festival every year at school called 'La Fest'. It is an inter-school competition in various items like dance, music, drama etc. The event is totally organised by the final year students all by themselves, so that we can learn about all the aspects of conducting such events, thereby improving our organizing skills. We went there to help out our juniors in conducting the event. The opportunity of 'chick watching' was also a major consideration. ;-)
 Our La Fest was in 2001 and we had such great fun organizing the whole thing. It was an experience I will never forget in my whole life. That year I was in charge of a show called 'QuickSand'. It was basically a quiz show, with many different rounds. Just doing that show on stage gave me a great deal of self confidence and got rid of most of my stage fright. It also taught me the difficulties encountered in conducting such events and makes me appreciate all the great work that goes into stuff much huge than that.. big concerts for example.

I was also so happy to see the guys take up something that we introduced. The On Screen Projector. We added that to the quiz so that it made it more interesting and visually appealing. It was a huge success then and this year it was used in almost all events in the fest. Made me feel so nostalgic and proud.

Well, enough of bragging. La fest also meant a chance to see some of my class mates I wasn't able to meet our reunion day two weeks ago. So all in all a very nice day indeed. Just as I say that I'm reminded of my Engineering Workshop exam on Thursday. I'm totally blank at the moment. Pray for me.

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