A New Beginning

So here I am, with my third “I’m back” post :). It has really been a long while since I have even given some attention to this site. But its all going to change.. New name, new look and hopefully new life.

I have decided to actively run a blog on the site. I had failed thrice on this front, but this time I am determined (I think so). As a policy and also to increase the longevity perhaps, I have decided not to make it a “daily personal journal”, rather a place where I can share my thoughts on subjects that interests me. So expect a cocktail of Programming, Formula 1, Cricket and what not! I hope I do get some support and possibly atleast a few regulars on the days to come :).

Among the changes in this version (5   th  )
 The site is now based entirely on PHP & MySQL and the blog is running on the WordPress engine. I’m also trying to make it XHTML standards compliant, its not been fully implemented yet, but I’m working on it.

And if you were wondering, this website was orginally established in November, 2000. It underwent a series of name changes, url changes, design changes and was ultimately moulded into this. You can read all about that here.

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