Saturday morning. My friend and I were determined to see a movie. No tickets for anything else, so we decided to see ‘Sunshine‘. Had no idea what it was all about. Had never heard of this one before. But we badly wanted to see a movie, any movie. Before it began, I was expecting some sort of a romantic comedy, judging from the name. But the first frame told me, this was going to be Sci-Fi. I was a bit unhappy, not that I do not like Sci-Fi, but I have seen too many that are worthless. (and I had already spent 170 bucks for the ticket!)

But it was not bad. This is one Sci-Fi movie worth seeing. The plot, set about 50 years in the future, revolves around the 8 member crew of a spaceship Icarus which is on a journey to the Sun. Their mission is to bring the dying Sun back to life, by exploding a bomb the size of Manhattan island.

The best thing about the movie is that the cast and crew have done brilliantly to make it all look real and believable. The acting is excellent by the entire cast especially Chris Evans (“Mace”) and Cillian Murphy (“Capa”). The graphics are awesome too, and to some extent it creates a world which you won’t think is graphics at all. But they have not gone overboard with all that. They are all well within the limits of imaginable reality. Same goes with the characters. They are not depicted as super humans, who either have no emotions or have too many emotions as is the case with many other Sci-Fi flicks. This one though, they do feel like real human beings, who are just doing their job, making mistakes like everyone of us do.

  [[Warning : Spoilers ahead]]  
 Now to whats bad. The plot is excellent, the movie is excellent, till about 75% of it all. Then comes the part about the intrusion of the captain from a previous failed mission. Apparently he has gone nuts and wants to sabotage the mission. The way he is shown is all crap. Too many unnecessary effects, too much blurring, they make it bad. The limits of reality are breached here. I don’t really understand why this element was treated so. Hmm. That made it disappointing.

Generally though it is nice to watch. The movie is kind of like a mix of Armageddon and Forbidden Planet, that’s what I thought. My friend was telling, she had this triumphant-good feeling after the end of Armageddon, but with this one that feeling was absent. Well.. do you really see a Sci-Fi fiction to get this good feeling? Hmm. it all depends on your perspective.

Overall I give it a 7 on 10. Worth a watch.

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