New Wine, Old Bottle

Rusty’s back. Rusty’s now @  :)

Its been nearly a year since something moved here! Lot of things happened, lots of things changed (see, even the URL to my blog!).

So, what happened in the past 11 months? In a nutshell..
 Shifted from   Trivandrum  to Bangalore, working for Bosch, still single (I know, pathetic!), found some new friends, still have those old buddies (and still go for   those trips  you loved reading about), finally ‘flew’, living with roommates, bought a laptop (yay!), learned German…. etc etc.

If you are among the very few who used to read this regularly, sorry for keeping you waiting.
 If you are the new kid in the block.. Welcome!!

Hopefully, no more interruptions. So stay tuned and thank you for you patience!

PS: If I   recall properly  this is my fourth I’m Back post :)

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