Yup, that’s the name of the town that I’ll be calling ‘home’ for the next 6 months. One week over, and I am already liking this calm, quiet, sleepy town :)

First impressions? “Pünktlich” – The punctuality of Germans is amazing. If it says that a bus comes at 11:59, it will reach sharp at 11:59, not 1 minute late. They never have their timings rounded off to the nearest 5 minutes or anything. In fact it seems as if they are trying to prove a point that they are always on time by putting these odd timing!

Another thing that struck me is that on the roads, the pedestrians are the kings. You step your foot on the zebra crossing, the car that comes next stops and waits for you to cross. It was difficult to adjust to this let me tell you! And I can’t imagine doing this in India… Either as a pedestrian or as a driver… hehe

And oh yeah… German beer. You don’t feel like putting the mug down! :D

All in all I feel comfortable here. This might not be home, but it sure is nice. More news about my adventures in Deutschland soon… Tcheuss!

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