Aazhimala Beach - The First Trip

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It was sometime in July last year. So this one day we had a shortened college day for some reason. Someone suggested we go somewhere. Subhash I think, came up with the idea of a very little known beach called Aazhimala. Our first of those several “dynamic” plans began there. 6 of us squeezed ourselves in my car and 4 more followed in two mobikes.

Driving around narrow but uncrowded roads, we reached this big turn on the road. Subash, who was the only one who had visited this place earlier, was constantly telling us that we’ll all gasp in awe at the sight we’ll see… and boy he didn’t exaggerate a wee bit. The sea seemed to sneak right in front of our eyes with all its grandeur all of a sudden. It was an experience I cannot describe. One second we were looking at dull gray asphalt and at the next the gorgeuos blue sea.

Being a “road less taken” has its disadvantages too. There was no real fixed path to reach the sandy beach down, from the cliff where the road ended. But yeah, we did find one in the end and that was part of the fun too. Coming down to the beach made it look even more amazing. We were all enjoying the serene beauty of the whole scene, when suddenly disaster struck. I in my over enthusiasm to get into the water, misjudged the laws of physics, slipped on a rock and crashed my elbow on it. It was paining like hell, but to put a brave face in front of the others I kept saying it was alright (In reality a bone was almost broken and couldn’t move my hand properly for almost a week ;) ). That did dampen the spirits for a minute but soon we began a game of volleyball cum football cum basketball. I tried my best to join them but my hurt arm kept saying no. After a while, we sat on the many huge rock jutting in to the sea and kept chitchatting. Sitting there was another awesome experience too. I know I have been repeating these superlatives so many times, but trust me this place deserves it. The only thing we did wrong during this trip was not taking a camera. Hmm. that was a basic mistake, but luckily something we never made in our future endeavours.

All done, we climbed back up to where the car was. Then came a local guy, talked a bit rough to us saying that this place was a bit dangerous and blah blah blah. Yeah, he is probably right you need to be a bit careful coming here, but hey.. what is life without taking some risks?

  How to get there?  So if you are impressed and want to visit this place, well here is how. Aazhimala is located around 30-40 minutes drive from Trivandrum city. Take the National Highway 47 towards Kanyakumari and take a right at Balaramapuram. Travel down the Vizhinjam road and ask some locals for precise directions. There are a few turns you will have to make, but its not that difficult to find. If you wish to travel via bus, then last time I checked there was a city bus from the East Fort stand going to Aazhimala Temple, which is only around a 100m away from this site. I am not very sure about the timing, frequency and crowd-factor of this bus though.

Highly recommended trip. But before you get down the cliff, it is always good to seek the advice of some local. Just to be on the safe side. :)

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