Goodbye 2005

Looking back, 2005 wasn’t that bad a year for me. It started off pretty well with Dishaa and I had a lot of fun before and during the event. But only two weeks later, a major social disaster followed. That had a big impact on how I viewed things for the rest of the year I guess and had the potential to ruin my whole year.

It was downtime for a few months then on, but all of a sudden came the campus recruitment season. My worries were now more biased towards whether I had any future with bits and bytes or not. That helped. I got recruited to Infosys and that ended up improving my “happiness factor” a lot. :)

That was in July and for some days after, I had nothing to do, except to train myself in being a good couch potato. Then came another thing that changed my year once again. I got to meet these young entrepreneurs who had established a small but ambitious company called TNGicube. Through them I got a chance to develop an interactive TV channel for ACV, the biggest cable network in my state. That was the most fun I ever had programming :). The channel was quite successful in the beginning but it seems to be tapering off. Hope 2006 will be better :D.

Yup. That was 2005 for me. Not too bad, all things considered :)

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