The Road Not Taken - Intro

I am someone who always loved to travel. Despite this, till not so long ago, I never had many chances to fulfill this desire. But once in college I was lucky enough to get a group of friends who were as interested in exploring new lands as I was, if not more. Over the past year and a half we have made some memorable trips. We have not travelled far and wide but rather most of our trips were close to home.. but that was more than enough. We did discover some quite amazing places. This series attempts to chronicle some of these less taken roads we have trodden. Hope you do enjoy and maybe even be inspired to take that trip one day. This is also an attempt to freeze some of those sweet memories in time, before we part. Will never forget these beautiful days!

PS: The title of the series was obviously inspired by Robert Frost’s   The Road Not Taken  :)

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