The Last Day of College

Here ends four years of my college life. From today no more classes to attend. And pretty soon I will cease to be called 'the college guy'.

Four years! I seem to remember my first day like it happened yesterday. The mixed emotions of excitement, fear and happiness of entering into a new world, all still so vivid. And now when everything seemed so settled, its time to go.

College was a mixed bag of a lot of good and of course a few bad memories. I’m just glad that my good memories heavily outweigh the bad ones. The two class tours, those countless “unofficial” tours, the Onam celebrations, the films during strike days, painting ourselves during holi, getting fired by our teachers, running around taking print-outs for our lab records, copying assignments just five minutes before submission, those wedding trips, sending SMS and missed calls during class, learning together during the series exams, those birthday treats, giving lift to the girls on my good old 800, the heated debates on each and every small thing, those sleepovers and the public “paradooshanam” times, the song and dance sessions during the final days…. I’m going to badly miss the happy days!


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