The Bad Movie Magnets

Why I do not know. But me and my friends never miss a bad movie to hit town. Hindi, Malayalam, English … we have seen the worst of it all. And with each passing day we get to see a new movie that sets a new benchmark! The latest one was the Malayalam flick “Rashtram”, on which we unfortunately wasted 30 bucks. I still don’t get what the hell those film-makers were doing, apart from boring us to death! So today I take a bold decision. Why suffer alone? Why not publish my worst nightmares? Hehe. Get ready to taste the worst.

Here go my recommendations for the worst movies ever made, that you should probably never spend money to see in a theatre.       5   **Resident Evil 2** … Solid concrete proof that you should never make a film out of a video game! Horrible!    4   **Masti ***(Hindi)* … 3 guys think they kill a girl only to find out that their wives had sent the hot girl to teach them a lesson… what a divine concept!

3        Fingerprint   *(Malayalam)*… Supposed to be a high tech detective story. The crime was solved when they found out that two pieces of brick, one obtained from the crime scene and one from the suspect’s house are an exact match. Hmm. Ingenious!

2        Immini Nalloral   *(Malayalam)* … This pretty much epitomizes the term – Bad Film. It performs appallingly in all aspects – acting, direction, cinematography, editing and what not!

1        Fun   *(Hindi)* … Fun is exactly what this film should never have been called. You get mixed up between the hero and the villain every 5 minutes. The climax was the ultimate. The villain comes in a Ford Ikon and kills someone. Next shot, the Ford Ikon gets magically transformed into a Honda City. The “dead body” automatically changes clothes and positions around 5 times too, I guess. Could you beat that, ha?   God! We have seen enough bad films, that “Rashtram” doesn’t even feature in the worst 5! Scary!!

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