Sunrise at Nandi Hills

Went for a trip to Nandi Hills early in the morning today. We wanted to see the sunrise there, and we were lucky enough to reach there on time for that. Contrary to my expectations, it was a real nice place indeed. So close to Bangalore, yet so far from the hustle and bustle. Too lazy to write a long blog post, so I leave you with some pics. Didn’t come out as good as I expected, but trust me, it was more beautiful than what the photos could record. :)

[![P4230046.JPG](]( "Rising Sun")[![P4230051.JPG](]( "Sun in Hand")[![P4230032.JPG](]( "The 'Other' Monkeys")
[![P4230069.JPG](]( "Light effects 1")[![P4230075.JPG](]( "Silhouttes")[![P4230094.JPG](]( "Lonely Dog")
[![P4230053.JPG](]( "The Gang")[![P4230108.JPG](]( "Symmetry")[![P4230117.JPG](]( "The Stepping Stones")
[![P4230103.JPG](]( "Pink Flower")[![P4230115.JPG](]( "Picture Postcard!")
*Photo Credits:* Espresso and Me! :)
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