Rheinfalls is a small attraction in Switzerland just a stone’s throw across the border from Germany (literally). We could travel there by train taking just the Baden-Württemberg state ticket and the journey took just two and a half hours from Plochingen. My first time out of Germany also meant it was the first time I had to take my passport out after the airport checks. But all was smooth and took just 5 minutes of our time before the policemen waved us through at the Schaffhausen railway station. We had to take a bus from there and I was instantly proud of my German as I successfully asked the driver to get us a group ticket. He didn’t even ask me back anything and I didn’t have to say twice. Good! I have improved a lot ;)

The bus was interesting, it ran on overhead electric lines but not on rails, my friends say it is common everywhere, but this was the first time I saw one, so found it curious. Anyway after a short ride we got down at Rheinfalls and a short 10 minute walk later we reached the place where the Rhein ‘falls’. It was good. It wasn’t big, but it was good. After a few uninteresting photo sessions we decided to take a boat ride. Boy.. This was good! We went close to the falls and I suddenly realized the falls weren’t as small as I thought initially. We could feel the whole power of the water thundering down. It was a very different experience.

Coming back, we found an Indian dhaba-wallah! Can you believe it? In Switzerland! Had some pav-bhaji and a nice masala tea. It did drain some Euros (Swiss Francs rather) unlike the dhaba wallahs back in India. The food was good, at least was glad to have some proper Indian food after a while. It was run by a Rajasthani guy who seemed to think Bangalore was a city in Kerala. So typical! ;) That proves he has been out of the country for a long long time as confirmed by him later. Anyways after restoring Bangalore to it’s rightful state we said our Namasthes and headed back to the train.

That was it actually. Not much to see, but what was there was good. Anyway this August 12th was a special day for me. It is not every year that you can celebrate your birthday in two countries ;)

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