This has been waiting in the wings for a long long time… and finally I was able to fight my laziness and present to you the sparkling new design for The visual changes are not extensive, the changes are mostly behind the scenes. Below are the major changes made, in no particular order:

  1.    Almost   XHTML compliant. (Still has 3 errors, working on this)
  2. Now runs on WordPress 2.3 and PHP 5
  3. Post tags!
  4. No more “RustyShack” just
  5. No more dead links :)
  6. Content licensed under Creative Commons
  7. Subscribe by email, better RSS feeds visibility
  8. Flickr on the panel

The site works best on any standards compliant browser like the latest versions of Opera (my personal favourite), Firefox, Safari, Konqueror etc. This should also work on non-standards compliant browsers (like Internet Explorer), but it might not entirely look how I intended it to look. For those of you using such browsers, I would strongly recommend switching to a standards compliant browser, not for the sake of this site, but for improving your general internet experience. But its your choice :)

I am working on some other changes too, a movie meter, integrated social bookmarking, fixing the XHTML validity errors, better thumbnails and more.. So stay tuned, loyal reader! :)

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