Point to Point with Ryanair

“We are strictly a point to point airline.” says the   conditions apply  text of Ryanair. We managed to find that out the wrong hard way. :(

I was supposed to be enjoying a 4-day sojourn in Barcelona rather than blogging from a friends house right now. The flight was scheduled to depart at 1245hrs yesterday. We were on time, passed the security clearance without hassles and waiting our turn to board. Suddenly they announce that due to bad weather our flight is indefinitely delayed. Hmmm.. Ok… a slight delay no probs. Quarter of an hour later comes the second announcement that our flight is canceled, but they will give us a refund or a free booking on some other connection. Ok fine. We go to a counter to check out our options. She says there is a flight from Frankfurt-Hahn the next day morning. I asked whether they would provide us accommodation and transportation, basically because it is very difficult to reach this airport in the middle of nowhere. She tells me that I have to check that out with the Ryanair people and she doubts whether they will help us. Next question: Where do you find someone from Ryanair? Her reply – “In Ireland!”. Neat. Rather clever. No one from Ryanair is there in the entire airport. Can you believe that? And apparently to get the refund I have to spend money and post them a letter to an address in Ireland! Good heavens!

I didn’t know that what Ryanair meant by point-to-point was from the departure terminal to the arrival terminal in the same airport! Sorry for the bad joke.. but screw them! If you ever get a chance, do yourself a favour, shell out some money, choose a proper airline and don’t fly with Ryanair! :(

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