After 6 years; has moved on to a brand new design. The design is minimalistic, and I have tried my best to make the site much more readable.

The site more or less conforms to the HTML5 spec and I have tested it across most browsers I have access to. It works best on any standard compliant browser – read Chrome (visitor share of 24.4%) , Firefox (23.5%), Safari (1.9%), Opera (4.3%), IE 9.0+ (1%). On the mobile, it works good in iOS (0.2%), on Android (0.2%) and also (almost perfect) on the Opera Mini (0.1%). IE versions less than 9.0 are a bit rough on the edges – IE6 (5.3%) is the worst but still readable enough. IE 7 (8%) & IE 8 (7%) are more or less ok. I don’t plan to spend too much time on that though as long as more than 3/4th of my visitors see what I intend them to see :)

The site is still powered by WordPress. All the extra HTML, CSS, JS and PHP were coded on gVim on Ubuntu and the logo on top was my first experiment with the excellent vector drawing tool Inkscape. So the new avatar is a 100% pure open source product! Yeah design is possible without spending a penny.

I have also moved the site on to a dedicated new account at A small orange. A big thanks to Anand Bhai for hosting me for free all these years. I finally moved out to my own home :D

I hope you do like the new version. Comments, criticisms and suggestions are most welcome!

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