Perspective B

About two things that I happened to notice…

 My workplace is on the eleventh floor of my office building. Therefore the lift is an integral part of our daily routine. The lifts here have these operator guys who are inside these boxes for hours together doing a pretty mundane job. I wonder how they manage it, because we the ‘elite techies’ get frustrated if the lift stops at more than one intermediate floor. It must be such a frustrating and thankless job that they are doing.

Then I started noticing Gayathri (my colleague, classmate, friend and ‘G’ on this blog) say ‘Thank you’ each time she got out of the lift. I didn’t think much about it then, but the other day after giving it some thought I realized the value of such a simple statement. It would make their day so much better. The power of one simple gesture! I have had differences with her attitude, with her behaviour many a time, but I admire her for all these little things she does :) And now I know why every time she gets in the lift, the operator always knows to press the 11th Floor button without her telling him and why that seldom happens to me. A small lesson in inter-personal relationships…

 The other day, my friend Ranjith got a call from one of our mutual friends. They had not spoken for a very long time and she said that age old excuse – ‘Was so busy, didn’t get the time’. Then he said something back that struck me then and there. ‘You can’t spare five minutes of your time for a friend? That’s the worst response to that’. It really is when you come to think of it. Aren’t your friends worth atleast 5 minutes of your time? If they are not well there’s trouble. He may have said that just for the sake of responding. But it did make me think a lot. Staying in touch is a virtue difficult to attain and I believe if you manage to do it, it is   the  armour to have against the bumps on the road in your life. You never know… sometimes the person whom you least expect to, would be the only one there for you. So its always better to keep the numbers high :)

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