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  2008  was a very interesting year for me, beginning in one country and ending in another. The start of the year was filled with hopes, the promises I made to myself, the excitement of coming back home and the urge to do new things. Looking back, the year was, as always, a mixed bag.

On the positives, I made a few good friends, made some relationships stronger and patched up some that were down in the dumps. Career wise too it ended up being a pretty good year more or less.

On the negative side, I feel I have spend less and less time with my family and there is a huge guilt growing inside me regarding that. And some habits that I wished I could eraze, I haven’t been able to. And I admit, I don’t think I really tried sincerely, though I fooled myself and others around that I did.

Then there was this one single incident had a huge impact on how I perceived myself and how I thought people perceived me. It had left a pretty bad scar on me that, however hard I try to rub it off, it just comes back staring me at my face. But I wouldn’t say it was all for the worse. I did learn a few valuable lessons in life out of that. I guess I am now able to assess people better and place them where they belong. :)

2008 was also the year of terror for many. I have seen it too close for comfort and to be not affected by it. I can speak loads and loads about it, but it would change nothing. It’s actions that matter and since I have not done any small thing that would have made a difference, I guess I don’t have a right to speak about it. I’ll just say this – Kudos to all the commandos, policemen, security guards and army-men who were prepared to lay down their life, despite serving corrupt masters and the ‘Why-should-we-care?’ middle class people like me.

In general I guess I have been a very lucky person. The storms in my life so far have been really mild. The little troubles I have had compares nothing to what a lot of people go through. I wish my luck continues, but as that cannot be true forever, I hope I can fight the bigger demons that I would have to face, better. And have the mind and the guts to do things for the greater good.

Wishing you a better 2009!

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