Multitasking can be a good thing, but not always… :D

A few days ago me and this girl I know were having a discussion about her singing, over email. I had sent a not so positive review of her skills, and the poor thing was drafting a “spicy” reply to me. Suddenly she receives a phone call from her colleague. The colleague asks her to inform their Project Manager (a German) that she would not be coming to office. You see Microsoft Outlook is a great app, you can type someone’s name on the CC field and you are able to view their office extension from this. So this resourceful friend of mine uses this shortcut to get her PMs number. All is well till now. But the poor thing presses Ctrl-Enter on the keyboard. Another great thing about Outlook is that the mail is sent instantaneously using this shortcut key combination. So this mail comes to me, with a cc to her PM. Unfortunately, the first line in the email read something like this – “@$##!@#!$%^%$^#$#@%@^@#$!@$#%”. I can only imagine that chilling feeling that went through her mind. But yeah he was a sport and didn’t mind too much getting this as his first mail for the day :D and luckily all other expletives used were in Malayalam a language I am pretty sure he doesn’t understand hehe.

Why did I put this up here? Well I was bored… and wanted to beware you of Outlook, it plays tricks on you, especially when you are multitasking :D

Oh and by the way : Happy new year folks! :)

*Names of people involved purposefully removed to avoid vandalism to poor old rusty ;) *

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