Money comes, money goes

Something very interesting happened this month.
 First of all I got a cash prize of Rs. 1500 from my Dad's office association. Then I got $35 for a programming job at So far so good. I earned more than what I earned in the entire 2002 within one month of 2003!! Anybody would be happy. But here comes the bad part.

This Tuesday my computer mysteriously refuses to start. So I gave it to the computer clinic. They say the Video card is gone and it would cost be Rs. 500 to replace. Ok Fine!. Two days later they call me again. The Sound Card is gone. Would cost me Rs. 1000. Next day they say, its not actually a problem with the sound card.. The motherboard is gone!! Now it seems that it will cost me at least Rs. 2000... and then I had to pay the Cable Bill because Mom and Dad was not at home when the guy game.. damn me!

God acts in weird ways... to give me money and take it back from me even before I can count it!

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