Going Green!

As you might be well aware, green seems to be the “in” thing nowadays. Everybody wants to talk green and the corporates have jumped into the bandwagon – a simple effective way of gaining some publicity as well as getting a good Samaritan image. So in keeping in line with this tone, one company in Bangalore (the one I work for BTW) organized a run for promoting clean air in the city. Well nice idea! But.. It was held on a Sunday. So all the 1000 odd employees who ran for this, came in their gas guzzling, CO2 spilling engines all the way from distant places, while on a normal Sunday morning they would all have been sleeping in the comfort of their homes. So if a typical car emits 200g* of CO2 per kilometer traveled and taking an average of 5km traveled per participant, total additional CO2 that the city had to deal with that day equals 200 x 5 x 1000 = 1,000,000g or 1,000 kg in the 2 hours the event was held… plus the amount of pollution caused by other idling vehicles caught in this road block… well I rest my case :) So much for clean air!

Going green is a great thing and I am really happy that it is in fashion. But I think we should be wise enough to think of better ways to do it and ensure that what we do results in more good than harm. And probably the time has come when we should stop preaching and just start doing things. You and I may not be able to be angels when it comes to the environment, but we can do the small things that will make a difference in the end. There is this nice little green book from Morgan Stanley (yeah again Corporate ;) ) that might help you get started – The Little Green eBook    * Source: *[http://earthtrends.wri.org/features/view_feature.php?theme=5&fid=53](http://earthtrends.wri.org/features/view_feature.php?theme=5&fid=53)* ….The global average CO2 emissions rate for a midsized car was 198 g CO2/km (28…

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