Driving... FAST!

Ok, I love driving… and I love driving fast. Autobahns in Germany are perfect for that – no speed limits! :)

Here are two of my fastest drives, my chance to brag!

243 km/hr on Mercedes C230. This was somewhere in between Luxembourg and Kaiserslautern, Germany en route Frankfurt. Fastest I have ever driven!! :D
             Videography by Sandeep

229 km/hr on Toyota Avensis. Somewhere in between Berlin and Magdeburg in erstwhile East Germany.
             Videography by Ginu

WARNING: Dont try this at home – only on the autobahns. And no, not all stretches of the autobahn are speed limit free. Proof of that is the 62 euro fine when I was driving on 122 on a 100 limit! :( The bad side of the autobahns! :D

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