Always look on the bright side of Life

My connection with the Theater does not go beyond viewing (and even acting albeit in minor roles) in amateur (very) plays at school (and yeah also mugging up Shakespeare for the 12th Standard board exams). So I was kind of skeptical when Renu asked me if I’m interested in going for a play. Hmmm.. Already under some guilt that I just while away my free time in Bangalore, I agreed to go ahead. Doing something once in a while to stimulate that rusty part of the brain couldn’t be that bad.

The play was called as “Always look on the bright side of Life” by a troupe called as ‘Evam’. I really didn’t know what to expect, the only thing I knew was that the theme was humour and it was inspired by the Monty Python. It turned out to be really good. It was good fun, clean entertainment keeping the audience engaged throughout. The play did not follow a conventional single storyline, instead it was presented as a series of mini-sketches like the Monty Python series. What I really caught my fancy, was the way in which the scenes were transitioned with music and dance. Three girls danced and set up the props in a well-timed seamless manner. The fact that the girls were pretty helped out too! The jokes were all mostly original (I think) and also relevant to the world around us. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole show.

It is definitely worth a try if you have some free time and the troupe is staging a show in your city. 100% recommended, even if you have never seen a real play in your life before!

For more information on ‘Evam’, show timings and their other plays visit their site

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