A chance for Trivandrum

If you know me well, you would have quite easily made out my love for my home-town and how vocal and emotional I can get when it comes to it. Also I recognize the hoards of problems faced by the city. Despite being the political nerve-centre of the most politically active state of the country we never had leaders that have stood up for us. Now I guess we have a chance to change that.

I was elated even when the rumours spread that Shashi Tharoor is contesting from Trivandrum. I am not a big fan of the Congress/UPA policies, but as a Trivandrum-ite we need someone like Dr. Tharoor to lead us to change. It will not be easy for him to coast to a victory despite the credentials he has. But I do hope he pulls through. Trivandrum needs that chance and I hope all Trivandrum-ites think about it and use their vote intelligently. And I think they will do it. After all we did elect the maverick V.K.Krishna Menon when he stood as an independent candidate way back in the 70s.

One more thing : Whether you are not going to support Tharoor or not, do exercise your power to vote. It is your fundamental duty. If you believe all this is beyond you, you don’t even have the moral right to criticize the “system” as we always do. Do our duty first then think about blaming the netas.

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