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‘Curry Bashing’ and Indian Hypocrisy

I along with a lot of fellow Indians were shocked and disgusted at what happened (rather is happening) in Australia to Indian students. It was indeed an outrageous incident. And the Indian media was ready to jump in and go ahead with an all-out attack on the Aussies. That was reasonably expected behaviour considering the trigger-happy nature of our media and their undying thirst to proclaim – “Your channel brought this

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A Passage to Trivandrum

I rarely travel by train, mostly because of the difficulty in getting the tickets, the inconvenient timings and the thought of going to Bangalore railway station in rush hour traffic. But apart from this, it is probably the most comfortable cost efficient way to travel to Trivandrum. Especially ever since they (re)started charging big bucks for flights. The beauty of a train journey is that you observe life around

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My ‘Bucket List’

I saw this list of 100 things one must do before he dies, posted by my room mate in his blog. I remember creating a list like this when I was in school and saved in an email. So I went searching around and to my surprise I managed to actually find it. The list was much smaller than I thought, it had just 23 items. So here’s my

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Resistance to Change

Around five months back I met one of my old friends after a long while. Friends as in, we were what you could call “best buddies” right from kindergarten till high school. After that we went our different ways, didn’t stay too much in touch and had met him just once or twice in the past 6 years before the above encounter. Well, he has this habit of not

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