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An elephant, a drunken man and a cron job

It was a serene evening one summer day in 2010. Sony, Sherin, Nandu and I sat chit chatting in an estate in Munnar. A much needed rest after a long 5 hour drive from our startup office. A bottle of Old Monk rested on a makeshift table in the little hut. Tempting as it may, the bottle had to wait.

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Media's Tech Illiteracy?

Allow me to be that guy who for once ignores his emotions and patriotism and just says WTF. A few weeks back, there was big fanfare orchestrated by a lot of Indian media outlets regarding a homegrown web browser called as Epic. I was a bit skeptical already, but after downloading and using Epic, I outrightly recommend reading those reports as a case study in technology sensationalism. I’m not

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Munnar - Photosynthed

Microsoft Labs have come up with a new (actually not that new) application called as Photosynth. What it does is quite amazing. You take a series of random photos in a given location and this app tries to create a 3D view stitching all of them together. Kind of like the panorama option in your digital camera, but way cooler. You can just point and click in all directions with

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