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After 6 years; has moved on to a brand new design. The design is minimalistic, and I have tried my best to make the site much more readable. The site more or less conforms to the HTML5 spec and I have tested it across most browsers I have access to. It works best on any standard compliant browser – read Chrome (visitor share of 24.4%) , Firefox (23.5%

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My Programming Progression and the Language Block

Tech content advisory : Non-techies exercise caution reading this, maybe a bit of geek overload in here. :) Like most people (ok, geeks!) of my generation, my first tryst with programming was with BASIC. Sometime during the mid-90s my dad gave me a book on BASIC programming, which he found in some book expo he attended. During that time, I had just about barely used a computer, and I didn’t really

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Adventures with Ubuntu Karmic Koala

*No I am not talking about a spiritual trip to Australia or about the animal; Karmic Koala is the latest version of the Linux distro Ubuntu :) * So I decided to switch to Linux on my laptop; since I found it much better suited for programming than Windows 7. First thing I tried was to run Linux on a VirtualBox environment; though it did work quite beautifully; it still wasn’t

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