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Some science stories

As most kids were, I too was a curious cat. I always wanted to know how stuff works, why things are the way they are – I still do. Amidst this journey of quenching my curiosity attacks, I have had many many (mis)adventures like most of you too I am sure. Here I share a few that I came into my mind. I was in fourth standard I believe. My

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Bus No: 3

School buses come in all varieties – big yellow buses, small mini vans, ones that reach on time, ones where all kids get a seat – then there is Bus No 3. Our very own “Three Bus”. I lived around 20 kilometres away from my school and it goes without saying that I spent a lot of time in Three Bus. My best friends in school, the funniest incidents, the time of

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Back to school

Today went back to school again. We have this cultural festival every year at school called 'La Fest'. It is an inter-school competition in various items like dance, music, drama etc. The event is totally organised by the final year students all by themselves, so that we can learn about all the aspects of conducting such events, thereby improving our organizing skills. We went there to help out our juniors

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