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The Slumdog Fiasco

I saw Slumdog Millionaire, many days before the hype started to engulf it. Maybe that’s the reason why I loved this film. It’s a story about love, about spirit. about determination and also a story about India. And I was happy that it won a few Oscars and happier when ARR and Resul got the recognition on the international stage they have deserved. But I hear a lot

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Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

A few days back Renu had told me about this book called as ‘The Last Lecture’ written by a computer professor named Randy Pausch. She told me it is a must read and also a current best-seller, but I had never heard about it. Now that I think about it, being an incurable net-addict its amazing that I never came across this one. I bought the book a few days

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Always look on the bright side of Life

My connection with the Theater does not go beyond viewing (and even acting albeit in minor roles) in amateur (very) plays at school (and yeah also mugging up Shakespeare for the 12th Standard board exams). So I was kind of skeptical when Renu asked me if I’m interested in going for a play. Hmmm.. Already under some guilt that I just while away my free time in Bangalore, I

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Phoonk, What the?

A sleepy Sunday evening and I was wasting my time on my laptop. My roomies suddenly pop out with the idea that its been a while since we saw a movie. Well, having spent half of the weekend in hibernation I thought I should give my body a stretch and I nodded. The only tickets that were available at such short notice in PVR (unfortunately the only theatre at walkable

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Harry Potter - Why?

Yesterday I watched the madness surrounding the release of Harry Potter. What the hell? After all it is just a fairy tale!! I have read the first two books in the series. They are well written, enjoyable and all, but I don't think it deserves all this attention. The media seemed to be waiting to celebrate the occasion. Both the newspapers I subscribe to, had front page snaps of the

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