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Hello Ghost!

I have been meaning to get this site back on track for sometime now. It has been a while. Procrastination was one primary obstacle, Wordpress was another. But then I discovered Ghost thanks to two of my colleagues[1][2]. Inspired by them, I migrated the entire blog to Ghost complete with a new shiny handcrafted theme. Migration wasn't that hard and all the heavy lifting can be done by

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Flickering text with CSS and JavaScript

This is a simple hack to simulate flickering text using the magic powers of CSS3 and some javascript. Pretty much a lazy evening experiment I did for the landing page of a a cool domain I got my hands on. The CSS The trick behind the blur is setting the font color to transparent and adding a text-shadow with offset set to zero. The original text becomes invisible and only

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Developing cross platform desktop applications

Right from the beginning of my interest in programming; I’ve always had a thing for developing apps. Apps in the classic sense; the ones with a lot of bells and whistles that used to dominate the Windows landscape of yesteryears; the same ones usability experts would now cringe on looking at. That was probably because of the way I was introduced into programming. Starting with the good old QBasic;

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My Programming Progression and the Language Block

Tech content advisory : Non-techies exercise caution reading this, maybe a bit of geek overload in here. :) Like most people (ok, geeks!) of my generation, my first tryst with programming was with BASIC. Sometime during the mid-90s my dad gave me a book on BASIC programming, which he found in some book expo he attended. During that time, I had just about barely used a computer, and I didn’t really

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Euphoria - The Language

Let me introduce to you, a little known (probably even unheard of) language called Euphoria. It is a flexible and powerful language that is surprisingly easy to learn and claimed to be simpler than BASIC and more powerful than C. Well that’s something to live up to! Euphoria is a relatively new language developed by Robert Craig in the early 90’s. It was probably envisaged as a cheaper

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Game Project

I have been reading a book called "The Making of Microsoft".. Great book. Its really stunning to find out how two hobbyists went on to make the largest company in the world. That gives an idea for a game. We have all seen Sim City, Sim Earth and even Sim Ant.. but why not Sim Software Company? Its still in the planning stages.. But the theme of the

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