A 3-post collection

Anna Hazare, Lokpal and the trendy Indian youth

The world seems to be filled about posts on Anna Hazare and Lokpal; maybe the last thing that you need is to read one more armchair analysis. It’s a free world though; so I need a place to write and you might not need to read this. So stop here if you think you’ve heard enough! :) First of all, I give it to Anna for clamouring this much

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A chance for Trivandrum

If you know me well, you would have quite easily made out my love for my home-town and how vocal and emotional I can get when it comes to it. Also I recognize the hoards of problems faced by the city. Despite being the political nerve-centre of the most politically active state of the country we never had leaders that have stood up for us. Now I guess we have

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The Left front and a series of unfortunate events

I am a strong supporter of socialism and to an extent leftist ideals. I would call my political stand as liberal-left. And yeah till recently you could say I was a supporter – na, that is too strong a word – rather a mild supporter of the Marxist Party. But seeing how things are going, I have to say that support has dwindled down to an extent that I can’t ever

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