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A tale of a few cities...

I was speaking to my friend Manju the other day, and she was asking about my new life in a new city. She asked me to blog about my thoughts on Ernakulam. Being one of the few people I have found more fanatical than me about my hometown, Trivandrum, her demand was that I do some match fixing and say that Trivandrum is way better :) . Well I’ll try my

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While it was snowing...

It snowed in Plochingen last day. I opened the window and lo! there it was like a dream, from a fairy tale. Beautiful! I walked out first with a group then again alone. It was freezing. But it was such an amazing experience that I stayed out for as long as I could. Walking alone in the night while it was snowing… [![Image Hosted by](http://img264.imageshack.

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Yup, that’s the name of the town that I’ll be calling ‘home’ for the next 6 months. One week over, and I am already liking this calm, quiet, sleepy town :) First impressions? “Pünktlich” – The punctuality of Germans is amazing. If it says that a bus comes at 11:59, it will reach sharp at 11:59, not 1 minute late. They never have their timings rounded off to

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