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The magic of a photograph

Last time I went home, I was browsing through a treasure chest of old photo albums. Among them I noticed a few pictures of my dad and his friends when they visited Agra and the Taj Mahal; some 30 years ago. They all looked so special; capturing the excitement of each moment perfectly. My thoughts went to the thousands of photographs I had taken over the years with my camera.

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Sunrise at Nandi Hills

Went for a trip to Nandi Hills early in the morning today. We wanted to see the sunrise there, and we were lucky enough to reach there on time for that. Contrary to my expectations, it was a real nice place indeed. So close to Bangalore, yet so far from the hustle and bustle. Too lazy to write a long blog post, so I leave you with some pics. Didn’

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Munnar - Photosynthed

Microsoft Labs have come up with a new (actually not that new) application called as Photosynth. What it does is quite amazing. You take a series of random photos in a given location and this app tries to create a 3D view stitching all of them together. Kind of like the panorama option in your digital camera, but way cooler. You can just point and click in all directions with

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Clicked the kitten!

[ ![The Poochakutty © 2006 Anoop Sankar]( ]( The newest kitten-in-the-block. It’s called “Poocha-kutty”, which means kitten in Malayalam. How imaginative, eh? ;) Fun watching this little thing wander around, with no worries, no life-changing decisions to make, hehe. Lucky brat!

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Akshay and the Arabian Sea

A photo I took yesterday, at Kovalam. The effect of the sea looked awesome. _(

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Digital or Film

Hmm. If you are atleast minutely interested in photography, you might have heard this question echoing around nowadays. I bought a digital camera recently and was looking around for opinion regarding this issue. I found these really good well researched articles on the debate. Do have a read. Film vs. Digital Cameras » Film versus Digital My Summary » Digital cameras vs. film – Norman Koren » Ok.

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