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Our project team went out for this game of Eisstockschiessen last day. Eisstockschiessen? Yeah, that same expression in your face right now… I had that same weird thoughtful look too while I was reading the invitation mail. ;) Well despite the complicated name, the actual game is quite simple. It also goes by the more pronounceable name of Bavarian curling. The rules are simple, we take turns throwing and sliding a

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Multitasking can be a good thing, but not always… :D A few days ago me and this girl I know were having a discussion about her singing, over email. I had sent a not so positive review of her skills, and the poor thing was drafting a “spicy” reply to me. Suddenly she receives a phone call from her colleague. The colleague asks her to inform their Project Manager (a

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I got recruited! The company is Infosys, one of India’s biggest IT firms. I’m feeling so relieved and secure now. :) 84 of us from my college, and 15 from my class got placed here. That’s great too, I would have some friends there already. But on the other hand, some of friends didn’t get in too. But they have plenty of opportunities coming their way. I

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