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Trier and a dash into Luxembourg

The main purpose of this particular trip was to meet Anu in Frankfurt. But this was possible only on a Sunday and we had a full Saturday to be planned for. After going through a list of possible points of interest, we zeroed in on Trier. This particular German city, located right at the border with Luxembourg was quite different from other places in the country. I don’t know

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Driving... FAST!

Ok, I love driving… and I love driving fast. Autobahns in Germany are perfect for that – no speed limits! :) Here are two of my fastest drives, my chance to brag! 243 km/hr on Mercedes C230. This was somewhere in between Luxembourg and Kaiserslautern, Germany en route Frankfurt. Fastest I have ever driven!! :D Videography by Sandeep 229 km/hr on Toyota Avensis. Somewhere in between Berlin and Magdeburg in

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