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02:15 am, National Highway 63, around 15 kilometers before Hubli… A Mahindra Bolero screeched to a stand-still on the other side of the road. As we got out of the vehicle, I could see 2 burly guys in white shirts holding something that looked like a hockey stick. My skin went pale and I could feel a cold chill pass through my spine. Scared to death, but the first

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We planned and even started off the latest in the series of ‘Keeral’ trips with the destination set to Goa. We even booked a place to stay there for a change, but circumstances (to be specific ‘Traffic’ and professional unpunctuality) made us end up at Chikmagalur, a good 700 kilometres away! First of all, we were left hung out to dry by some idiot in Calicut who had promised to

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Bytes were being churned, products were being released, books were being digested and Life continued monotonously. It was time to go off the beaten track again and this time our journey took us to that majestic corner of Kerala called Wyanad. [![Photo]( "Picture perfect!")](, Kurian and I started off from Bangalore

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Ooty and Nelliampathy

Once again, when life seemed to get monotonous, we as usual decided to pack our bags for possibly (hopefully not) our last trip together. The destinations we chose this time were Ooty and Nelliampathy. [![](]( set off on a Friday night, just prior to our last week in college, on a Toyota

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Munnar and Marayoor

One of the most beautiful places I have seen is a paradise called Munnar. So, when some of my friends suggested that we go for a trip to the place, I was more than happy to YES. I had been there just once before but I had already fallen in love with it, at first sight. [![Free Image Hosting at](

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Aazhimala Beach - The First Trip

Read the Intro first :) It was sometime in July last year. So this one day we had a shortened college day for some reason. Someone suggested we go somewhere. Subhash I think, came up with the idea of a very little known beach called Aazhimala. Our first of those several “dynamic” plans began there. 6 of us squeezed ourselves in my car and 4 more followed in two mobikes. Driving

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