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Goa - The last stop on the hippie trail

Goa. Those three letters are now synonymous with parties, beaches and cheap booze. It has been taken over by the brute force of commercialism, but look a little harder and you find a lot more in this pocket sized wonderland.

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02:15 am, National Highway 63, around 15 kilometers before Hubli… A Mahindra Bolero screeched to a stand-still on the other side of the road. As we got out of the vehicle, I could see 2 burly guys in white shirts holding something that looked like a hockey stick. My skin went pale and I could feel a cold chill pass through my spine. Scared to death, but the first

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Go Goa!

Goa has been in my mind for quite a long time and each time we have planned a Goa trip; something or the other would eventually block the trip somehow. So the other day two of my colleagues Arun and Gummy (Goutam) came and asked me whether I knew any place where to get a self drive rental car to go to Goa, I joked that I’ll get them

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