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Why I like Tendulkar...

The other night, I was watching Tendulkar and Jayasurya smash every bowler to all nooks and corners of the ground in the IPL match. Watching that performance, made me that little kid, giving me the same old excitement when the 4s and 6s were smashed. It made me think how I fell in love with cricket at a very young age. My first memories of cricket was invariably watching Sachin

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A nice day for Cricket!

Two very exciting matches today, the Ashes test between Australia v England and the ODI India v West Indies. Both thrilling… and both a relief to every loyal cricket fan… Cricket’s magic is still working. What a wonderful test match it was! I would have never thought Australia would have reached so close, needing more than a 100 runs to win with just two wickets remaining. For the first

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The New Laws of Cricket

ICC decided to bring in two new laws to limited-overs cricket that will supposedly make it more interesting. Now that the first experiment was tried out during the recent England vs. Australia Nat-West series, we have some idea over whether the whole thing is going to work. I like the first rule. Three blocks of fielding-restrictions (now called as Powerplay). That I think should really add some twists to the

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Bangladesh beats Australia!

Wow!! This was probably the biggest upset in the history of one-day cricket. The team that is ranked last in the international ratings (by a long way) beat the team that has been on the top ever since the ratings were introduced. Just think about it… It is somewhat like a Division 2 side in the English league defeating Brazil in football! Consider Bangladesh’s record before this match. Played

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India vs Holland

Am I seeing this?? Can't believe India is batting like this against Holland!! They have to bat way way better than this if they have to have any chance of even getting to the next round!! At the same time, I think Holland played quite well too.. Fielding was nothing short of excellent and bowling was quite tight! I'm happy for them.. I think they have a good future in

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