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Two weeks later...

Its been two weeks. I see a lot of changes here and there, but the essence of “home” remains the same. I was in Bangalore for a week and in Trivandrum for another. Bangalore, every where I turn, there is something new. Trivandrum has a few things changed here and there, but overall it is just that same old city! Everybody was also apprehensive of me driving, to say the

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Three weekends in Hildesheim

1 This was the first time (also the last till date ;) ) I had the chance to travel in Germany’s fastest (and potentially the fastest in the world according to my German collegues atleast) train – the InterCity Express or simply the ‘ICE’. It was a good experience, that much speed on land was new (though not any more). The interior decos were interesting too, I especially loved the bord-bistro, though

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Chicken Bonn

[![]( "Freizeit Park Bonn")]( had gone for a trip to Bonn last weekend with Ginu and Sandeep to meet the latter’s cousin. The main purpose was not to see the city, but anyway we roamed around the place – the old capital of West Germany. It was a bit surprising, the city

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