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A day I cannot afford to forget...

Yesterday was officially the longest day in the year… but that was not what made it special for me. Yesterday was my last official act in college, my last exam. The day I bid goodbye to some of my best friends from college… Also the day in which we had our high school re-union… where too I said bye to some of my buddies. We might never see again (I

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The Last Day of College

Here ends four years of my college life. From today no more classes to attend. And pretty soon I will cease to be called 'the college guy'. Four years! I seem to remember my first day like it happened yesterday. The mixed emotions of excitement, fear and happiness of entering into a new world, all still so vivid. And now when everything seemed so settled, its time to go. College

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Rang De!

Some snaps of Holi celebrations @ college. Holi is not really celebrated here in the south, but which idiot will waste a chance to paint your friends red, yellow, violet and what not! Hehe. We did have a great time, as is very evident from these pics. [![](]( [![](

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How to evaluate an Engineer?

My semester exams are going on now and I have been (supposedly) spending most of my time studying for it. Not really studying, its more like mugging up. That makes me wonder how good an evaluation system our B.Tech examinations are. From what I know, an engineer must be someone who applies his knowledge to engineer some ingenious things. Does that mean he needs to remember every theory in

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The Excursion & My Birthday

On Friday we went for a class excursion. We visited the hill stations Kodaikanal and Munnar and finally the theme park 'Dream World'. It was nice to have a break from the usual monotony of college. And we had the fun of our lives! Also had a chance to get to know about my classmates. It changed my total perception about my class (in a very positive manner). We first

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