A 5-post collection


After 6 years; has moved on to a brand new design. The design is minimalistic, and I have tried my best to make the site much more readable. The site more or less conforms to the HTML5 spec and I have tested it across most browsers I have access to. It works best on any standard compliant browser – read Chrome (visitor share of 24.4%) , Firefox (23.5%

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This has been waiting in the wings for a long long time… and finally I was able to fight my laziness and present to you the sparkling new design for The visual changes are not extensive, the changes are mostly behind the scenes. Below are the major changes made, in no particular order: Almost XHTML compliant. (Still has 3 errors, working on this) Now runs on WordPress 2.

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New Wine, Old Bottle

Rusty’s back. Rusty’s now @ :) Its been nearly a year since something moved here! Lot of things happened, lots of things changed (see, even the URL to my blog!). So, what happened in the past 11 months? In a nutshell.. Shifted from Trivandrum to Bangalore, working for Bosch, still single (I know, pathetic!), found some new friends, still have those old buddies (and still go for

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Rusty's Zietgeist 2005

Zeitgeist is something Google does every year. It is a German word that means roughly “spirit of the season”. Google digs deep into its search history, to provide us with very interesting stats about the general trends in the world. So today was digging into RustyShack’s stats page and decided why not have a Rusty’s Zietgeist! Yeah, I know Google gets a million hits everyday and mine struggles

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A New Beginning

So here I am, with my third “I’m back” post :). It has really been a long while since I have even given some attention to this site. But its all going to change.. New name, new look and hopefully new life. I have decided to actively run a blog on the site. I had failed thrice on this front, but this time I am determined (I think so). As

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