Trust & Betrayal

IMHO friendship, relationships rather any interaction between people can be reduced down to the application of two things – Trust & Betrayal. When you think about it, these are two things that affect a lot on how you react to different social scenarios.

To make a relationship work, we tend to improve the trust with someone, while betraying someone else a little. The whole network of our friends & acquaintances are based and maintained on a delicate balance between the level of application of the ‘Trust’ factor and the ‘Betrayal’ factor. You don’t need a Phd in psychology to understand this I guess. But this is not the only factor either. But atleast in the world I see around me – this concept fits in perfectly!

The people who can strike the balance seem to be the happiest, most popular among them all. They are especially cleaver at managing the T & B factors and distributing it optimally between the opposite sex members in their clan. And the opposite sex thing, complicates thing to a huge extent and when it reaches that border case between love & friendship.. well my processing power is not enough to explain that in terms of T & B!

If you know me, you might be wondering who am I to talk about relationships and emotions hehe. After all, I have been described as a nut-crack by many a friend when it comes to emotions. But all I am saying is if you master this art of allocating T & B, you are definitely not going to regret it, Trust me ;)

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