My ‘Bucket List’

I saw this list of 100 things one must do before he dies, posted by my room mate in his blog. I remember creating a list like this when I was in school and saved in an email. So I went searching around and to my surprise I managed to actually find it. The list was much smaller than I thought, it had just 23 items. So here’s my ‘bucket list’, inspired by that incomplete list and also his post.

The list of 50 things I need to do before I die, in no particular order…

Updated:  March, 2017

  1. Fly in an airplane
  2. Fly an airplane
  3. Be the CEO of a company  CTO should do!
  4. Watch a Formula one race live
  5. Drive in the autobahn at over 200 kmph
  6. Get a  job    ,     build a house    ,     get married
  7. Drive a Mercedes
  8. Go to Norway
  9. Direct and edit a film on my friends.
  10. Visit the Taj Mahal
  11. Build and maintain a website
  12. Take an MS
  13. Say ‘I love you’ with all my heart!
  14. Learn to whistle any song
  15. Own a SUV
  16. Go     skydiving    and     parasailing
  17. Donate to charity        regularly
  18. A candle light dinner with a girl I know
  19. Cook for my friends
  20. Walk in alone into a room full of strangers and be comfortable.
  21. Watch all movies in the Imdb Top 250
  22. Find a way to say a big ‘Thank You’ to my parents
  23. Gift my mom a Saree she’ll like
  24. Program something that is useful and give it away for free    .
  25. Win a prize in a lucky draw
  26. Learn a foreign language    and speak it fluently.
  27. Learn how to say ‘no’
  28. Exercise regularly
  29. Publish a book
  30. Do a cross country drive across India
  31. Be responsible and mature :)
  32. See Paris from the Eiffel Tower
  33. Hold snow in my hands
  34. Go to the moon
  35. Capture a beautiful spontaneous moment on camera
  36. Buy a digital camera
  37. Appear on TV
  38. Get my caricature done
  39. Play in the rain, like a kid without worries
  40. Shave off my moustache and keep it like that for at least a month
  41. Visit     Venice    and Rome
  42. Make myself believe programmers are cool! :)             They always were!
  43. Ride a roller coaster without holding the handle.
  44. Learn to accept without doubt that not everybody thinks I am nice!
  45. Learn how to talk on the phone, when I’m in a crowd.
  46. Follow my heart
  47. Be a vegetarian for a year
  48. Drink beer at the Oktoberfest
  49. Visit     Australia    and     New Zealand
  50. Make my own bucket list

No marks for guessing that the items crossed off are already done! :D

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