Mit alles bitte...

I have heard so may horror stories about German food. Even the German lady who took my ‘inter-cultural’ session told me so. But I would have to say it has not been too disappointing. No, not that you can have it every day, but it is not as bad as they make it sound to be. Anyway the whole point of this post is not about German food, but something the Germans seem to have adopted as their own.    [![]( "Doner!")](  Meet the Döner Kebab. It is so ubiquitous here in Germany, every railway station, every nook and corner of the street you will find this board. It is like an oasis for the many of my Indian friends here. They are forced to like it, it seems, due to lack of options. But you know what? I have just fallen in love with it. It is cheap (atleast to German standards), it is filling, it has some spice (again with reference to German standards) and it is damn tasty! It is so much part of the German way that you wouldn’t know that it is not really German, rather an export from Turkey. And what varieties they have – Lahmacun, Yufka Döner, Dürüm Döner, the list is endless! It is such a simple dish too – Meat (pork, beef or rarely chicken) and vegetables filled in a pocket (usually) shaped bread. The next best thing to Indian food, if I dare to say… oh and sorry veggies, Germany is still a difficult country for you :(

So you guys know what to do first if you ever land in Germany (or maybe it is still available in Turkey, but I suspect the Germans have imported them all here ;) )!! And when the nice shopkeeper asks “Mit alles?” just reply “Ja!” and you will get the tastiest treat in Germany.

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