Good bye Bosch, Good bye Bangalore

Your first company, the one that handed you your first paycheck, is always special. And for me Bosch was special; not just for that but for a lot of other reasons too.

For starters it gave me my first glimpse into the real world of software engineering. It taught me a lot of things; that I didn’t know existed before; it taught me professionalism; and above all it gave me a lot of new friends. But all good things has to come to an end one day and last friday was that for me.    ![Last day](  And it was not just Bosch I had to say bye to – also to the city that was my home for 4 years. I had reservations about Bangalore when I first came in; but looking back at it; hmm.. it was an awesome place. The fun we had.. the many friends I gained.. I’m eternally indebted to this city for all that. It was a great experience to say the least. There were many unforgettable incidents; many great memories; some bad ones; but I think I would remember the good ones longer than the others. And that’s what matters.

So adieu Bangalore; as I go on to explore the challenges of Gurgaon and then Kochi. And adieu Bosch, and to the challenges of mobMe.

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