Game Project

I have been reading a book called "The Making of Microsoft".. Great book. Its really stunning to find out how two hobbyists went on to make the largest company in the world.

That gives an idea for a game. We have all seen Sim City, Sim Earth and even Sim Ant.. but why not Sim Software Company? Its still in the planning stages.. But the theme of the game will be like this..

1976.. You and your friend begin to program a small hobby program. Then you think you can sell it.. You rent a computer and begin your grand adventure.. Target : Be number one by 2003!

Heard this story somewhere? Yep!.. direct from reality.. the making of Micro$oft .. Got any valuable suggestions? Don't hesitate to contact me at the email anoops [at] gmx [dot] net.

And yes the game will have a better name... and almost certainly be freeware.

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