Digital or Film

Hmm. If you are atleast minutely interested in photography, you might have heard this question echoing around nowadays. I bought a digital camera recently and was looking around for opinion regarding this issue. I found these really good well researched articles on the debate. Do have a read.

  • Film vs. Digital Cameras »
  • Film versus Digital My Summary »
  • Digital cameras vs. film – Norman Koren »

Ok. So to put my humble opinion into all this, I think the digital camera is best suited for a beginner like me. It gives you the freedom to experiment without drilling holes in your pocket :) But yeah, for image resolution nothing can beat film. Maybe when I become an expert… well that seems a long time away.. hehe :D

        on December 03, 2005 by Anoop
This discussion has finally led me to do the first big update on the site. The Gallery section is now up and running. :)
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