I came across this new kid in the block when it comes to search engines. It’s called Cuil, it’s pronounced as ‘kool’, it claims to have the largest index of them all and it was launched today. I was playing with it and this is infact an interesting one, probably good competition to Google in the long run.

The best thing I liked is the way the results come up on screen. Instead of going the Google’s famous sweet and simple way, the results page is more detailed, with longer content from the pages coming up. This works pretty good especially for more broad one word searches, for example : “cricket“. The results come neatly organized, presented in a visually rich manner but at the same time keeping it not too complicated. And there is a nice little info box on the right, which is pretty smart, where you can browse cricket related stuff by category.

But at the same time, try for a more targeted search like : “the best con movies“. It churns out all irrelevant results and the best you would get is a list of horror movies! You can’t go more wrong can you? Well let me give it some benefit of doubt, after all it is only 1 day old. Things should improve. And if it does, who knows it might be astalavista Google… naa, maybe not ;) Anyways worth a try, play around!

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