A 1000 Rupee Haircut

My hair grew too long. Yeah that sort of thing happens in life. But the bad part is hair cuts in Germany are billed in Euros – to be precise 15 euros + 2 euros tip to the barber.

Now lets refresh some high school mathematics: 17 Euro = 17 * 57 = 969 Indian Rupees. Hair cuts in India are billed in Rupees – to be precise 20 Rs. + 0 Rs tip to the barber. That means with 969 Rs., I can cut my hair for 969 / 20 = 48 times. Lets say I cut my hair once in 2 months. So that is worth 8 years of hair cutting money that I gave for doing it one time in Germany. Well that puts it into perspective, doesn’t it? :D

Lessons learnt? 1: Germany is sehr expensive. 2: Don’t convert money. 3: If you can’t resist converting, grow long hair! :(

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